Emma Stone Pictures HQ – Premiere of “Magic in the Moonlight” – New York City

Emma Stone Hot Magic Moonlight Emma Stone Bikini Emma Stone Nude 681x1024 Emma Stone Pictures HQ   Premiere of Magic in the Moonlight   New York CityEmma Stone attends “Magic in the Moonlight” New York City premiere, on July 17. Her brown hair kind of looks frizzy, but it probably just needs a little more hairspray. She grins while wearing a dark blue, floral patterned dress and cool-looking high heels. She looks comfortable enough and isn’t bothered to look all “I’m famous and you’re not” kind of smile. She just scratched her face whilst smiling, not giving a crap what others think about her.

Emma Stone Pictures HQ – “The Late Show With David Letterman” in NYC

Emma Stone Hot Black Jacket Emma Stone Bikini Emma Stone Nude 682x1024 Emma Stone Pictures HQ   The Late Show With David Letterman in NYCThemost star-studded movie, “Movie 43″ star, Emma Stone, attends ‘The Late Show with David Letterman, in New York City, on July 16, 2014. She looks cheerful, but probably exhausted on the inside. She’s a really good actress even when she’s not on the set. With her medium length, wavy brown hair, she wears glasses that probably blocks out the sun and wears a patterned dress, with a leather jacket, and black high heels. Of course she has bodyguards. Does it ever happen when celebrties go alone, like, completely, utterly alone? And it obviously will never happen when a famous celebrity walks in a public toilet. Gas station toilet.